Les parfums,Maison Rebatchi.

Given free rein, each perfumer used one or more raw materials to create a fragrance dedicated to and embodying the spirit of Maison Rebatchi. With each new fragrance, an invisible link naturally unfolded between the multicultural origins of Mohamed Rebatchi, a bridge between France and the Middle East.


Bois d'enfants,by Karine Chevallier.

A fragrance developed on the theme of childhood, embodying the point of departure of Mohamed Rebatchi’s fabulous adventure.


Bois d'enfants

by Karine Chevallier Discover
Eau de parfum. Floral woody musk

A masterpiece inspired by Mohamed Rebatchi’s childhood memory, which succeeds in creating an impressionistic image in the minds of those who discover it.

50 ml - 96 €

Musc panache

by Maurice Roucel Discover
Eau de parfum. Citrus woody musk

An intimate musk that the perfumer could almost have created for himself.

50 ml - 96 €

Rose Rebatchi

by Randa Hammami Discover
Eau de parfum. Floral musk

An exercise in delicate style around rose, the symbol of the Maison.

50 ml - 96 €

Feu patchouli

by Bertrand Duchaufour Discover
Eau de parfum. Woody spicy oriental

A small sensual and dazzling gem that is fiery, spicy and soft, yet never fades. Brimming with energy.

50 ml - 96 €

Joyeux osmanthe

by Maurice Roucel Discover
Eau de parfum. Fruity floral

A new type of opulent floral and fruity melody, expressed through a concerto of white flowers.

50 ml - 96 €

Cuir Tassili

by Aliénor Massenet Discover
Eau de parfum. Spicy leather floral

A tribute to the origins of Mohamed Rebatchi, inspired by a journey through the Tassili desert.

50 ml - 96 €